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Welcome to the english version of the Check my Website service documentation.

What is Check my Website ?

Check my Website is a unique service for remote monitoring of websites and applications. It helps you to see the end-user point of view and gives you close insights on how to make your website « harder, better, faster, stronger ».

What can you find here ?

The documentation is divided in four parts :

  1. FAQ
  2. Howtos
  3. Console
  4. API


Console, technical words, menus and keyboard shortcuts are highlighted.

When buttons are dimmed in the console, it indicates that the function is not available.

Everytime you see an icon in the interface, you can click to have help.

The number of locations, time windows shown in the console may depend on the service subscription you have. See coming plans for available options.


We try to keep this documentation as accurate as possible but if you find mistakes or parts that seems to be outdated, you can open a ticket on our helpdesk system. You can also fork, modify and make a pull request. Thanks in advance for any cooperation.