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All and everything you want to know about the Check my Website console.

  1. Login screen

    The login screen is where all begin. Here, you can create an account, access an account or reset a password.

  2. Welcome screen

    The welcome screen is displayed automatically when you first login into the console.

  3. Menu bar and Navigation

    The menu bar and navigation are located on the top of every console screen.

  4. Global overview

    The global overview gives you an overview of all the websites you monitor.

  5. Website overview

    Just like the global overview but for each of the website you monitor.

  6. Website logs and events

    This screen shows you all events that have occured for a website.

  7. Website metrics

    This screen shows you graphs about response time, availability and page load time for a website.

  8. Website timeline

    The timeline page gives you a whole detailed view on how the page is loaded, component by component.

  9. Website YSlow

    This page shows you how you website performs regarding the YSlow rules. YSlow rules are best practices for speeding up Your website.

  10. Website settings

    You can edit and modify any website monitored on the settings page, both in basic and advanced mode.

  11. Website status page

    The website status page gives you the opportunity to communicate on your website health to the public or to a private community.